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NEWS AND VIEWS  –  10 June 2019

The 2018/2019 wool auction season is finally at an end, and to those of you who have had to wait for orders to be filled over these last few weeks, my sincere apologies!  I now have two months of R&R before the rat race of the 2019/2020 auction season starts in mid-August.  This means that I will be able to fill orders much more rapidly for now.

I still have not brought any wool tops in from overseas, so prices remain as they are for now.  I have almost run out of 20.5 micron tops (even samples), but will be offering 19.5 micron for the same price until my new stock of 20.5 micron arrives.   The wool price fluctuated quite a bit during the past season, so I really have no idea yet what kind of increases we will be looking at for imported wool.  I have also included on the price list a small amount of solid black wool tops which I have remaining in stock.  They were made on request from a few users who reported difficulty in getting a good solid depth of colour when hand-dyeing black.  It is quite an expensive and by all accounts extremely tricky process to dye wool, which explains the price of this item.  As with any other product in my stock, you can buy any amount from 100 grams upwards.  Another newcomer is some 18.5 micron wool tops, which are seriously the most beautifully soft thing one could hope to run over one’s skin.  Limited stock, and priced to go …

In the meantime, I will make every attempt to keep this show on the road as cost-effectively as possible in order to support all the wonderful people with whom I have been privileged to interact since 2004, which was when our small user business started its journey.  I would suggest that those of you who have painstakingly built up your small and medium sized businesses over the years now take serious steps to work these projected increases gradually into your costings.   I will only be importing 19.5 micron, 20.5 micron, and 21.5 micron wool tops in future.  They will be sourced from a reliable European supplier who can guarantee non-mulesed wool, hopefully of South African origin.


Orders must be placed by email ( ), following which a sales order will be generated and sent to you.  When we receive proof of payment by EFT into our bank account, we will then issue your official Tax Invoice, pack up the parcel, and dispatch your order within five working days.  Fastway is our courier of choice, but you are welcome to make other arrangements should you so wish.  Please specify this when ordering.

Prices range according to micron (fineness), and are now fixed on a bi-monthly basis to follow the international market movement.  Current prices are valid up until the end of July 2019.

We have decided to drop our 10kg minimum order policy entirely, and our accounting system can handle an amount of 100 grams of any one item (0.1 kg). We acknowledge the fact that the price of wool has risen so much in recent times, and we feel that this may have put many crafters off the idea of using our products due to the high initial outlay.    Smaller volume orders, which means a maximum of 1kg wool tops (not noils) that can be packed into one of Fastway’s A3 satchels will incur a cost of R58 + VAT, rather than the Fastway Orange Label charge to major centres of R112 + VAT.  I do not add any surcharge on to Fastway’s normal pricing to bulk customers, so you can even calculate in advance how much you will be charged.



TYPE                                          APPLICATIONS                                                                         CURRENT PRICES (EXCLUDING VAT)

Pure Merino Wool Tops

Combed undyed continuous sliver tops 25g/m, staple length 70mm

100% South African certified non-mulesed pure Merino wool tops

18.5 micron                              For fine cobweb felting and nuno felting (limited supply)          R350 / kg

19.5 micron                              Good for spinning  and felting next-to-skin goods                      R315 / kg

20.5 micron                              Out of stock at present, see above for details

21.5 micron                              Small stock remaining, felting and spinning                                 R300 / kg

Combed and dyed continuous sliver tops 25g/m, staple length 70mm  100% South African certified non-mulesed pure Merino wool tops

20.5 micron                             Solid black only – small amount of stock available                       R420 / kg                        

100% South African certified non-mulesed Merino crossbred wool tops

23.5 micron 65mm                 Back in stock – good for chunky blankets                                      R265 / kg

Combed in SA, but of New Zealand or South American origin (therefore non-mulesed)

29.0 micron 60mm                 Ideal for structural felting applications                                           R165/kg

30.5 micron 70mm                 Wall hangings and rugs                                                                      R165/kg

N.B.  The above two types are in limited supply, and I will most likely not be stocking them when this supply runs out.

NOILS                                       Stuffing of toys, cushions                                                                   R90/kg

Very short 100% New Zealand non-mulesed Romney wool fibres

Removed from the sliver during the combing process

Contains some dried vegetable matter

My supply of South African noils has run out, so our current noil stock comes from the coarse New Zealand Romney wool which we processed during the mill’s last winter in 2017.  The noils are very low in VM, and this breed’s wool is particularly springy and lofty, so it is a very good insulator.

Please note that these prices do not include V.A.T. or transport costs